Betina Nygaard

Former CEO and co-owner of the software company Scanmarket. I built the company from scratch with my family based on my brother's brilliant idea of online negotiation of contracts for large companies. I sold the company to the private equity firm Verdane in early 2019 and remained as the CEO under their ownership. During this period, we acquired two other companies and integrated them into Scanmarket, before selling Scanmarket to an industrial buyer again in 2022. I am now a professional board member, advisor, and investor. I am happy to advise and share my experience with other business owners who want to follow the same path, which led me to the idea of the podcast series M&A360°, which aims to provide answers to all the questions I had before things took off. If you need 15 minutes of free advice, please book via the button below, and I hope it can help you move forward.

Morten Ravn, founder of Kaffekapslen

Meet Morten Ravn, who founded Kaffekapslen back in 2011 and ten years later sold it to the Swedish private equity firm Ceder Capital.

Listen in as Morten tells the story of how it all started (episode in Danish language). He quit a good and steady job and moved back home to his parents' house. He had discovered a gap in the market and was now putting everything he had into pursuing his dream. Morten not only talks about how he built the business but also about the sales process itself and the emotions and thoughts that arose during the process.