The Podcast panel

Our panel consists of buyers, sellers, and advisors who all have in common that they have participated in processes related to buying and selling companies. The panel will answer various questions based on their areas of expertise, and we will cover all 360 degrees of the topics that potential sellers are most concerned about.

Betina Nygaard

Founder of M&A360

Board member with expertise in M&A, PMI, growth, and Internationalization. CEO and founder of software company Scanmarket A/S for 15 years, before selling the company to a private equity buyer in 2019 and again to an industrial buyer in 2022. Led two company acquisitions during the private equity ownership.

Henrik Aspen

Partner, Verdane.

Experience within Private Equity since 2002. Participated as a member of more than 30 boards over time, including EasyPark and WhiteAway. Additionally, has worked both as an entrepreneur and consultant with Consumer Internet (Retail) and software industry as focus areas.

Martin Welna

Partner, Adelis Equity Partners.

Development of Private Equity owned companies ranging from top management to board composition and strategic business development. Core competencies include strategy development and implementation, Private Equity, M&A, debt financing, and Asset Management.

Lars Rasmussen

Partner, PWC Corporate Finance.

18 years of experience in M&A, exit processes, valuation, and strategic financial advisory, with specialized expertise in the technology and software sector (Software as a Service, IoT, E-commerce, Industrial Tech, IT).

Jesper Åbenhus Rasmussen

Partner, Kromann Reumert.

More than 30 years of experience in advising small, medium, and large owner-managed companies. The advice includes exit processes, company acquisitions, negotiations, succession planning, and board leadership.

Klaus Tvede-Jensen

Partner,  BDO.

Financial sparring partner for small and medium-sized companies with experience in the auditing industry since 1992. Has participated in over 50 transactions involving the sale of capital companies.

Your questions for the panel

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