Are you considering selling your business?

We want to give you a glimpse behind the process, so you can make the right decision and prepare for what lies ahead. Hear from advisors, buyers, and sellers.

Questions and considerations

I have tried it myself. Built a company from scratch. Been flattered by calls from interested buyers. Been happy when a buyer contacted me, disappointed when they bid too low. What is my company worth? Should I sell it myself, or should I have someone help me? Who can help me? How do you do due diligence? Do I dare to sell to Private Equity? What are the advantages and disadvantages? There are many questions, but in the podcast series, we will try to cover everything. If you are in doubt, book 15 minutes of free consultation by clicking on the "Book a Meeting" button. The first conversation is free of charge. If you then want further advice, we will agree on a price that suits the project, or I will point you in the direction that is best for you.

Meet the advisors

When selling your business, you need professional help. You need a good M&A lawyer to handle purchase agreements, share transfers, etc. You also need a good accountant to ensure that the financial statements and other financial data are correct. Last but not least, you need an M&A advisor who is used to running the process, preparing sales materials, negotiating with buyers, and coordinating and managing the entire process. Can you do it yourself? Yes, but the result is rarely the best. Follow our podcast and listen to advice from the advisors.

Meet the buyers

There are different types of buyers. Roughly speaking, they can be divided into two groups; the financial buyers (Seed, Venture, Growth, Private Equity, etc.) and the industrail buyers (your competitors or companies that can expand their range of products or sharpen their profile in a specific area or customer segment through your products). It is important that you find the model that suits you best. Do you want to stay in the company as captain of the ship? Or do you want to sell your business and leave it to others to continue? Hear what buyers are looking for when they are looking for an acquisition target.

Meet the sellers

We create transparency in the black box. Those who have sold their business and come out on the other side. It's not just for the lucky ones, it's for those who prepare thoroughly, work hard, and know their business down to the smallest detail. Get everything organized and in order and it can be you too! Hear the stories from those who have been through the sales process. What have they learned? Why did they want to sell? What would they have done differently? How did they run the process? Where are they today? How do they feel today? Follow our podcast and get answers to the questions